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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:32

The Murdered in Kopani protest Gökgöz the child was born

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Diyarbakir, 6-7 in the child experienced Kopani event Hasan , who died in October Gökgöz was born .

Diyarbakır news: Earth father opened his eyes were given Hasan name the baby .
Turkey is a very province on October 6 to 7 to take care of what happened in Kobani'yi with three friends by a group of street protests held Feast of Sacrifice for the murder at the time of distributing meat to the poor Hasan Gökgöz's day before the child was born . Hassan was given the name of a father born baby. Grandson , giving the name of the son that lived in the memory of his son transferred Mehmet Gökgöz said little Hassan would go the way of his father.
\" very glad FOR the grandson OL \"voicing
son brutally murdered Gökgöz , has called for the presence of a killer. Hassan's son beaten days before Eid al-Adha with friends at the time of sacrifice meat distributed to the poor , then the gun that killed Gökgöz father tells thrown from a high place , said that such an atrocity happened the first time. They were sorry for the capture of the killer Gökgöz record , he wanted to capture a moment before their son's killer. Gökgöz , \"They killed my son , they left two orphans. One son two years old, the other was born 2 days ago. My son Hasan , was killed during Tuesday evening call to prayer , grandson Hasan again was born in the evening prayer on Tuesday. I am very happy because I have grandchildren. One Hasan gone, Hasan came . Small Hasan , will follow the path of his father. he asked his father when Hasan magic to him,'your father has sacrificed the poor slaughtered deploying , and we let you say Hasan to follow the path of the name of the father factor'I say. Another son Furqan Muhammad time that appear in his father television , ran father father he calls , \"he said .
Gökgöz , Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's descendants by telephone after he came into the world , stating that its support next in the days to come to Diyarbakir , reported they would visit . Gökgöz Prime Minister Davutoglu demanded that the Prime Minister Davutoglu is the presence of son's killer , he conducted extensive studies in order to find the killer Hasan Gökgöz . Beholds , \"I am the Prime Minister Davutoglu happy due to call me. To me,'Eye of the intellectuals. I went to a Hasan came Hasan .\"Said the words. The Prime Minister, when it comes to Diyarbakir told he would visit me , \"he said .

The Murdered in Kopani protest Gökgöz the child was born" comments for.


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