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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:56

Support Payments were made ​​to Giresun Breeders Mandate

Support Payments were made ​​to Giresun Breeders Mandate
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Giresun Breeding Breeders Association President Ahmet Arrived Mandan , said they do not support the payments .

Giresun news: Photo Giresun Breeder Mandate Breeders Union member 560 people had come a million 300 thousand pay Union Chairman stated that in Ahmed , the said common everyday buffalo production. Photo Arrived, \"our province as short as a year and a our union was founded long before realizes nice services . buffalo breeding project, thousand 363 females , 44 males, 154 malak including thousand 517 buffalo with the 560 members of our bank account has been credited total of one million 300 TRY to . our Union , even before the expected payment to support the 2014 mandate from the owners has invested account. our association that performs the preceding all targets will work day and night to raise the number of buffalo in our province in the hereafter and standards. the company aims to perform activities under the project in 2015 will continue to make the necessary efforts to reach growers of support in the latest range of 2015 . buffalo breeding project has increased the demand for buffalo in our city by applying our city , our union by making buffalo project, for the first time in Turkey ORKÖY 90 head of buffalo were distributed to our members by providing various provinces by our unity , \"he said .

Support Payments were made ​​to Giresun Breeders Mandate" comments for.


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