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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 09:49

(Special News ) From Farm to Your Table with My

Facebook Twitter started a new era in food shopping with consumers, their order without intermediaries , from farm to fork , fresh, and easy to bringing to their doorstep .

Food exchange started a new era with consumers, their order without intermediaries , from farm to fork , fresh and easily to their doorstep , bringing over .
Product range from red meat fruits and vegetables ranging Aslanoba by the Group implemented , the food launched a new era in shopping . Most fresh foods from the farm to your door comes with . Orders, the next day you prefer an hour to your door free of charge is brought .
Aslanoba Group is an initiative , I Bogazköy fattening farm with red meat products , in 2015 at the beginning Bostandere farm with organic agricultural products consumers agentless continues to deliver will .'Freshness at your door'motto that quality and health without sacrificing the cold chain without breaking the flavors to the consumer directly delivers. with food shopping in the store and without intermediaries a new era has begun stated that they Aslanoba Group founder Hasan Aslanoba high cost of store and staff also pointed out that there is . Aslanoba within their own breeding farm , meat shredding and packaging facility in significant cost and quality advantage that said Aslanoba , \"existing firms as intermediate warehouses and stores high rents , staff and stock-fire costs us . Our products include vehicle without are supplied . Centre as a high capacity of large-scale production/packing to do improving productivity . place your order on our website tazedirekt.comor 444 75 15 numbered Happy Customers our hotline during the day you can give . just one day later , at your preferred time within the range of the cold chain at all without disrupting our own vehicles and our staff we bring your order to your door , \"he said .
at Aslanoba also mentioned in the recipe , it will do the sake of simplicity, from the food they drop and be missed by everyone , he said.

(Special News ) From Farm to Your Table with My" comments for.


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