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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 17:20

Rain in Giresun Negative Affect Life

Rain in Giresun Negative Affect Life
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Closed due to heavy rainfall in the district of Giresun Dereli way , in a controlled manner is provided.

Giresun news:
connected to the district play in the village to the stage from the HPP construction of the dam , the water overflow the highway destroyed .
Last night at 3:00 the waters increased its intensity downpours because Dereli district in many villages landslides , while many village road transport were closed .
Aksu Stream , Play Village is situated at the entrance HPP construction on the dam overflow of water as a result of Giresun and Sivas and Gumushane between providing access Giresun-Şebinkarahisar way about 6-7 hours, was closed to traffic .
Dereli Municipal and Provincial Administration teams a long struggle as a result of opened to traffic at 11.00 as a single lane controlled traffic in the area is in progress. Also in the area downpours still continues to impact .
Last 2 years in the area of such natural disasters occur frequently , indicating that Dereli Mayor Zeki Senlikoglu , \"Our region especially in the last 2-3 months, so much rainfall received . Especially yesterday evening an intense rainfall was exposed to . Eastern Black Sea, the fate of this , the wetter regions and the precipitation with the difficulties being experienced . especially Mahal Us landslides there . particular municipality and SPAs our closed village roads on is working . most damage Çalca located at the entrance HPP construction took place . mechanical components for damage there . tunnel in the excavation and can be accumulated . tunnel accumulated in the waters overflowing the roadway damage caused . Municipalities and our special provincial administrations of our nearly 300 thousand pounds of damage there . HES company completely damage occurred. DSI have done the creek rehabilitation and fences in the area that can be experienced great financial damage prevented . in the morning, in an area about 1 kilometer transport stopped. busy vehicular traffic had . Passing through the village to avoid disruption of transportation Dereli-old Giresun was moving way . After the work is progressing on the transport control single lane . Rainfall in the region is still ongoing , \"he said .


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