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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:42

New Images of the tensions in Olive Cut Output

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Manisa Soma thermal power plant for production of olive groves in Yire of the neighborhood of the town'urgent expropriation decision'to expropriate the following company officials last week during a cut about 6 thousand trees , which took place between private security team of the company with the villagers brawl new images appeared.

Manisa news:
Yire made ​​by thermal power plant in the neighborhood thought wildflowers in 6-November night brawl between private security and peasants were recorded by amateur camera. In order to prevent the cutting of olive plants will come face to face with the villagers guard company security officers, were injured in the brawl at the beginning of a person . Companies belonging to the guard shack at the scene and broke the windows of a vehicle located in the area . About 6 thousand trees to be cut after the night of the Council of State , for the construction of thermal power plant'execution'has decided , things had calmed down. One night of the amateur images taken by the camera recorded second by second camera to reflect the panic experienced during the brawl . Images , some of the villagers affected by the gas after the use of tear gas by security forces coughs , trying to move away from the scene by closing a portion of the face . In addition, some villagers injured in the panic of getting the images experienced while being taken to hospital.

New Images of the tensions in Olive Cut Output" comments for.


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