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  • 20 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 14:47

It snowed, the Return of Spring Start

It snowed, the Return of Spring Start
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With the start of Giresun different plateaus in the snow , in transhumant return journey began.

Giresun news:
in spring springs jollify transhumant , springs re unemployment are leaving .
every year, this year as in the summer up to the highlands , about 4 months in the highlands pass transhumant the snow with the rotation began . This year the weather foggy and rainy in the highlands published from time to time with the air temperature drop to 3-4 degrees in the coldest spring season transhumant experience of recent years have stated that . September, at the beginning of the plateau peak appears in snowfall in recent days, cold air combined effects increases were noted.
Winter, the effect of the early show with a plateau last remaining transhumant from the village to the stroke starting transhumant the \"Now transhumant to return to the village time. This year the spring season did not go well . continuous fog, rain and cold this year from spring to enjoy the çıkaramadık.b after the winter showed its effect snow to the highlands came up , the air cooling of the village due to the rotation began . weather conditions of sleep if you had a little more to stay we might think , \"they said .

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