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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 13:35

\"Inadequate Supervision in Schools \"Claim

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Boarding students Çaldağ Giresun food poisoning occurred in Bulandshahr District School Provincial Council member Omar Mustafa Yilmaz moved to the Provincial Assembly .

Giresun news: Photo bussing and boarders who noted that inadequate supervision in schools Bulandshahr Provincial Assembly members Omar Mustafa Yilmaz said that the need to take action committees related to the council about it. Photo Yilmaz, in his speech in the Provincial Assembly \"our city Çaldağ Boarding almost all of our students in school food one evening transpired Getting treated lifted to various hospitals due to poisoning. here parents of children which hospital to much to fear from the course endişeleniyorlar.allah about the situation in terms that removed large disasters did not happen . But the real issue is that need students with tools, what meals provided , both in school until checking . this issue must meclisimiz think needs to be done should be done audits should be healthy and safe . these foods should be investigated and those responsible for negligence related to the poisoning should go on whoever the person is . the show is not enough control of the current conditions, \"he said.

\"Inadequate Supervision in Schools \"Claim" comments for.


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