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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:39

He is unable to cope with the Puppy Cat

He is unable to cope with the Puppy Cat
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Salih Yıldırım living in Giresun , the number who said that he was forced to look at the 20 offspring of the cat who gave birth a few times each year.

Giresun news: Photo housewife living in Giresun Salih Yıldırım , another two years before taking a cat to the welcome that the number of cats today, they begin to look at home reached 20 said they never thought about .
each year will give the pup birthing cats themselves one finds they can not Salih said he had to look at the Lightning, said they reserve a home for the cat. Photo Animal Saliha lightning, \"I love my partner in cats. 5 years ago we began to provide care at home to take a cat but we received gave birth after a while because the cat female and a few cubs . after a year and also the female of these puppies gave birth. in such way has reached a two-year to 20 the number of cats. we could not find anyone to give the puppies . we have to look at Fain . we have allocated our old ancestral home for cats . get in there out they go to bed . as Lunchtime waiting for all our door. they do not miss the food his time . the cats eat the foods again returning to their homes . nearly two bags of cat food you're getting a cat for every month. Of course, sometimes we are forced to get meat for cats can not get for ourselves. Now we will look at how an increasing number of cats every year , we are concerned about it. After a few months of mating cats future period , then God knows how many more kittens will be born , \"he said .

He is unable to cope with the Puppy Cat" comments for.


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