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  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:43

Hazelnut prices were lower and upper Merchant's Account

Hazelnut prices were lower and upper Merchant's Account
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Nuts fall in prices of traders, producers remaining in the hands of a small amount of nuts led to think that no sale no longer .

Giresun news: Hazelnut prices in the fall of traders , the nuts in a small amount of remaining producers in the hands of the now led to think that never sold. Photo of the season , 14 pounds of nuts traded up 60 cents went into decline rapidly about a week. About 1 lira depreciated by around nuts, traded at 13 pounds 60 cents in the free market . Decline in producer prices nuts until the traders concerned . Photo Giresun hazelnut-mongering makes Mehmet Bulut said in a statement \"I stayed 15 nuts I got from pounds 50 tons of my hand. Previously 14 pounds fell to 50 yield is now 13 pounds 60 cents from 50 cents . 1500 pounds per kilo I wasted. So this day hazelnuts Satsam , I'm gonna hurt 75 thousand pounds. hazelnut price does not bring the citizens nuts when 15 to 13 dropped pounds. nuts also not much. I stayed around 30% nuts , I guess. Giresun hazelnuts are sold as roasted domestic market , not nuts enough to be exported to foreign countries. How many days has stopped our work , nuts do not get it. I've sold 20 tons of nuts to 13 pounds, but then myself nuts 13.5-I got 14 to . we expect the increase in hazelnut prices. these days Satsam got hurt , \"he said .

Hazelnut prices were lower and upper Merchant's Account" comments for.


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