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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 18:42

Giresunspor , to Kayserispor Match Start Preparations

Giresunspor , to Kayserispor Match Start Preparations
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Giresunspor , PTT 1 League the 9th began preparations for the match to be played in the week Kayserispor .

Giresun news: Photo Sunday Boluspor away matches played in a draw leaving the field Giresunspor is preparing to play without interruption to Kayserispor match in their own area . Output in the first training session as new coach Erkan Sözeri Giresunspor facility . Sözeri , found the assessment prior to training . Photo Giresunspor Technical Director Erkan Sözeri , said in a statement gave the following expressions:
\"We had a good fight when we look at the overall Boluspor match . Except puny attacks on opponents , especially the match in the first half , we provide the opportunity to position . our players were very distance about the discipline of the game with a try two or three days . this also they reflect on the field especially in the first half . our disease that since the beginning of the season in the second half , with individual errors , burning position disease recurred . players win match to this day that we take into consideration , a little lack of confidence in there . I want them to suffer in this regard. 2-0're ahead this match much more willing , desirous , the position should finish without error but did not. be said also that we are a point not bad but happy. in this league every game hard. we will play this week Kayserispor. we want to get our first win in front of our fans . we are doing our work for it. our players really showed willingness to win this match but we have to a little more attention to detail , we need to do a little less forgiving. These errors are our biggest goal is to get a good win in front of our fans downloading to a minimum . I would like to run a little more quality and performance of the players . For this, the pain pains will be unexceptional. Squad depth will be in trouble. A2 Turkey Cup players , we will use our players can play and we are planning to increase their match fitness . We do not just shed income Cup goal , and we think our players playing match correct the deficiencies . I never put a target score . First throw ourselves into our work topped the danger zone. We also urgently need it for two or three wins . When you find yourself in the very first gold already received two or three wins in a row in this league . First, we think . We determine our destination after ourselves at the top as well . \"

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