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  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:34

Giresunspor Club President from Bozbağ \"In May 2015, a Yokum \"Description

Giresunspor Club President from Bozbağ \
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PTT 1. Giresunspor'un struggling League , Club President Mustafa Basic Bozbağ , said in May 2015, will leave office .

Giresun news: PTT 1. Giresunspor'un struggling League , Club President Mustafa Basic Bozbağ , said in May 2015, will leave office . From sitting in the presidential chair in the most difficult period in the green and white Photo Giresunspor'un and rescue PTT Ligue 1 club closed'e bearing Bozbağ , said in May 2015 after his beloved Giresunspor'un certainly would farewell . Photo Çotanaklar's Club President Mustafa Basic Bozbağ , press conference Giresunspor Facilities answered journalists'questions at the meeting. Giresunspor'un a very serious financial crisis, the President reported to have experienced Bozbağ , \"I do not know we're dealing with people in our what I utter them. We are wolves We went to the arena in the table . Transfers can be done ... everything a human hand in the materiality of , is based facilities. I am with all my players I'm so proud . important forces behind our competitors, we have great support. us, we give an existential struggle with our own personal capacity . \"Stating he does not believe the support it
Enough Bozbağ , \"I do not , no matter what the conditions , then in May 2015 . I would like that Let me give you some very good people Giresunspor'un . the decision I received the following AndAki field results , nothing to do with the problems we had. taken the club three years ago, the thought of a government , there is no water in the closet, each party debt and the government is implementing the things that three years everyone's dream as well , the team champion have made but one does not see help by . Governor brain has an amazing effort , an amazing sacrifice . Mr. Minister called me and said that made ​​us a help. I want everyone selected , delegates chose me . What I football , a human nor alien to transfer . Me , what happens if someone from my administration will do the job better forward. I leave the task now takes the decision of the Congress . I'll help incoming administration after leaving . If requested help from us which I'll do it . But now everyone should unite around Giresun Giresunspor , \"he said .
\"I have no concerns about the punters . There is a God , there is a Giresunspor'un fans , \"said Bozbağ , \"Giresunspor is one of the few clubs in this league who pay on time . What a charge to the employee's Giresunspor'un , nor has a primary debt. Now it is up to the players next job . Some things will remain in the family. Everyone will be aware of where it plays . Not , can go where it wants to fulfill our requirements. If we make any sacrifice Giresunspor subject . Nobody's're not the slightest doubt . Friends by mortgaging the property of their goods here , appeared to have Giresunspor'un . Talent will take care of themselves. Professional will live , you give the right to the money you receive . Everyone needs to put under his hand. The club penny no debt to anyone , \"he said. Photo

Giresunspor Club President from Bozbağ \"In May 2015, a Yokum \"Description" comments for.


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