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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:57

Found in a call to Fiskobirlik Debtors that are in foreign lands Manufacturer

Found in a call to Fiskobirlik Debtors that are in foreign lands Manufacturer
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Fiskobirlik , but urged that he owes to hazelnut producers can not reach because they are abroad .

Giresun news: Since last January Photo 11 million to 19 million debt Fiskobirlik paying the remaining 8 million plan to pay the debt until the end of November . But some hazelnut producers can not find the deal that will pay for abroad . Fiskobirlik Chairman Lutfi Bayraktar , has called for to contact the cooperative they are affiliated to the creditor manufacturer located abroad . Photo Fiskobirlik Chairman Lutfi Bayraktar , said in a statement, \"jobs Fiskobirlik getting better every day.'re Fine incomparable with the past . All sat down , our financial stability. Fiskobirlik market hazelnut field again , working on their premises and handle the product of becoming a corporation that sells domestic and foreign markets is progressing very well . \"Stating failed to reach some manufacturers in the payment of a Photo manufacturer payable old debt Bayraktar,\"we said it will end as of November of old debts . last month we pay this month, 5 million . backward 7.5 to 8 million we owe . Manufacturer of our not reach because they are expats think a part .'ll end the debt in this month , we do not have a monetary problem . with producer We could not sit at the table . all producers who receive from our cooperative Fiskobirlik they reach their hometowns . They have an agreement on the payment of this debt discuss with officials in cooperative la . We are making our payments but dry agricultural inputs required by the manufacturer to be paid to the contribution we want to add into the payment. But as a result, the manufacturer is preparing a plan in accordance with your wishes. Net has got to end this month's payment . Our manufacturers in foreign lands they contact their own cooperative \"as found in the call to the manufacturer. The payments made related to Photo Bayraktar \"had 18-19 million pounds of debt in the New Year . Currently, the manufacturer had a debt of 7.5 million pounds. So we pay about 11-12 million pounds, \"he said.

Found in a call to Fiskobirlik Debtors that are in foreign lands Manufacturer" comments for.


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