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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 18:48

Food Poisoning in Boarding School in Giresun

Food Poisoning in Boarding School in Giresun
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Suspected food poisoning at a school in Giresun hospitalized students were being treated.

Giresun news: According to
obtained , contact information , in Çaldağ village Martyrs lieutenant Adnan Bahati students after the Boarding School at lunch , were admitted to hospital with nausea and vomiting. Photo Giresun Ilhan Ozdemir State Hospital, People's visiting students being treated Health Director Dr. Fazil did Ozden said. Water related to the poisoning of a Photo Student , food samples were Public Health Director stating investigation that began Ozden, \"Çaldağ Boarding School has poisoned the subject . But the reason is not yet clear . Abdominal pain in our students , along with nausea and vomiting referred to various hospitals to be treated was performed. in addition, we send them to school in our a doctor. we've received until the hospital our inheritance which 28 students information that are currently foreclosed on and has other students. in students we do our doctor calls can explain that there was no risk , \"he said . Photo poisoning indicating they had started an investigation on the incident Ozden, \"to determine the cause of the students said the complaint which is the subject of poisoning water and sent to the laboratory by taking samples from the food. we will come to a conclusion by study ,\"he said .

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