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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:24

Fiskobirlik President Bayraktar Licensed Warehousing Comments

Fiskobirlik President Bayraktar Licensed Warehousing Comments
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Fiskobirlik Chairman Lutfi Bayraktar , nuts licensed warehousing nuts would not be a solution without providing the necessary instruments in the market , just take the nut producers price stability guarantee is given is unable Fiskobirlik also said that currently do the same.

Giresun news: Photo made ​​a statement on the subject Fiskobirlik Chairman Lutfi Bayraktar \"free market conditions is achieved, the producer price stability guarantee will be allowed, futures exchange, processing a number of market instruments and the hazelnut sector licensed warehousing being instead placed as a strong manufacturer association is not possible . Unye and Düzce tried to do this job , did not happen. No way in . I said at that time . No chance of that work in these conditions . we spend only the day , we are busy agenda so . that's when she had been ignored . But two years later, both also closed. Nuts markets and Turkey's makus fate of the case. Each period will be introduced something. Then forgotten . for example, in 2008, 5 Mr. Minister, it turned out, they went to the very serious strategic change. direct support system came by the Government. That strategy had specific targets . currently, none came instead . Nobody questioned him . We are so, produces a daily thing , and many important data. Then do not come instead , \"he said . The statement continued by giving an example of the licensed warehouse Photo Bayraktar \"For example, a manufacturer of nuts gave the licensed wholesalers . He used to take the credit certificate. But there is no stability in prices. When you get hazelnut price was $ 10 . 10 pounds and receive the document , I was taking 10 percent interest rate and credit use . He's got a 15 percent increase in the price of nuts in the tank . Who will guarantee that 20 percent fall. We know that sometimes the price of hazelnuts in Turkey, sometimes 10 pounds , 2 pounds . Licensed Warehousing alone will issue guarantee stability in the price given is not to be ; in fact we are doing it in our store. Such problems every year about the nuts spoken. I am the chairman Fiskobirlik 7 years. A permanent permanent solution , I have not seen an approach to the market and politics . Day always put forward solutions . We send semi-finished products in recent years, but in fact we are not in a country that produces a lot of nuts nuts assessing the added value , \"he said .


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