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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:12

Boats Sea Açılamayın of anchovy Prices Rises

Boats Sea Açılamayın of anchovy Prices Rises
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GİRESUN ( AFP)-Bonito fishing season are now unable to find that he hoped the storm hit the sea.

Giresun news: Photo heave with the end of the hunting ban on September 1, said bismillah Giresunlu fishermen on the eve of the feast of the sacrifice a bit of sales falling acorn face up to 5 pounds began to laugh though . A few weeks ago the first local hams with the hopes of connecting anchovy fishers, which are effective in recently surrendered to the storm and heavy rains . At the end of 10 weeks , although anchovy season starting from pounds up to 7 pounds falling down, the next time he saw a few boats going out and 15 pounds with the rainy weather . Buyers as well as fishermen in the price of waiting for the price goes down when advancing stated that expensive. Photo Cotanak makes fishing in the Fish Market Berati Basaran said in a statement , \"Fish season did not start well . We face the full acorn over gülecekk the sea acorn . Were abundant last week anchovies. dropped by almost half. the weekend oil when it rains the boat was unable to go. this is also reflected in the prices . prices are low , the demand is higher , but we can find a buyer at this price . Hopefully prices will come down and everyone plenty of anchovies place . after that, begin to demand citizens anchovy \"he said. Photo citizens while anchovy find expensive sold for 15 pounds , waiting for lower prices. Citizens Nazif Kumar said in a statement, \"Pentecost price of 10 pounds is taken though , but our purchase power is too expensive currently anchovy because it is weak. This year was not the nuts, I'm trying to get along with pensions. He's coming for me prices are expensive ,\"he said .


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