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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:47

6. Black Sea International Symposium Begins

6. Black Sea International Symposium Begins
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Giresun University, where he hosted , the title held by the Caspian to the Black Sea 6. Overview of the International Symposium on the Black Sea began .

Giresun news: hosted a Photo Giresun University , Black Sea Strategic Research and Application Center ( BLACKCSR ) and the Eurasian Economic Relations Association ( ekoavrasy A) organized by \"Caspian Strategic Perspective from the Black Sea \"on \"6. Black Sea International Symposium\"Giresun Gur University Campus started in the Conference Hall of the Rector . gave a speech at the opening of Giresun University Rector Symposium Photo Dr. Aygun Attar \"States without having to offend but to strengthen the appropriately economies in the core of international politics, in determining the strategic target point forward a policy set that Turkey needs to be raised by academics in the relevant academic arena what is going on in this region. Black Sea to the Caspian strategic overview in , especially in the color, politics , geography , Kars , a fundamental project in scope to alter the balance of power in international relations-Anatolia Natural Gas Pipeline of the day and their thoughts about the future , I believe that this symposium will address in detail , \"he said . < br/> Kazakhstan Ambassador Prof. Dr. Speaking at the Canseyit Tümbayev do, \"Caspian Sea map we used to be called the sea when we look at but as geographical term is not large lake sea . We have big problems as people living near the Caspian Sea for him. Earth to be opened directly , establish a connection , especially commercial economic pillar to move to the activities of the Black Sea are of great importance , \"he said .
Istanbul deputy and Foreign Affairs commission Member Ismail Safi is said:\"From time to time I witness many politicians talking'Black is a safe corridor provides the energy to reach the world, \"they say. We are greater than we are a pride and joy . this is important but it is never enough. that is why I care about the initiative Giresun where it is entirely a domestic point of view , \"he said . Photo Symposium , November 7, 2014 will continue on Friday , November 8, 2014 Giresun Saturday's to be complemented by social programs will be introduced .


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