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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:16

2 The Case of the Dead Won Young Girl

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Adana Seyhan River continued to fly as a result of the car's two young daughters life of 21 years in prison for causing the driver to lose the examination of the lawsuit filed claims.

Adana news: Photo accident in September last 2 Seyhan Ozdemir Sabanci Boulevard district ( Seki of Dilber ) occurred . Ersel Rock (19 ) led the 01 COE 52 plate car, allegedly out of control due to excessive speed hit central refuge . Not get the speed of the car and then flew on the right side of the road Seyhan River. Ersel car driver Mehmet Kaya next Erdinc furry friends (18) and at the Köçükgö (19) swam off. However Berfin Alçiçek (18) with Ceren Board ( 19) water was lost. Lifeless body of the young girl searches made by police divers results found . Detained and 0.32 promil alcohol was determined Ersel Kumar, was arrested by the local court is removed . Photo Ersel rock,'negligence causing death and injury'and'alcoholic or drug influence driving under the'total of 21 years for the crimes of imprisonment on the island with the request 1 stood trial in the Assize Court. Kumar said Berfin Alçiçek the right is sitting in the front seat , \"I got alcohol in Ceren's house before going to become heated . But I've tasted a few sips. They bought alcohol. I was going rapidly Face kilometers. Berfin steering wheel stuck , right diffracted by I broke the left . Medians are lost thoroughly dominated when I swerved to fix struck again and flew into the river , \"he would defend . Photo dead Berfin Alçiçek the father of the Yalçın Alçiçek \"I talked with people who were present at the accident. the accident the vehicle's said it was very fast. also I my daughter said they enjoy the state sits in the back seat when I asked for issuing divers. in this case we do not agree to the statements as to the response to his seat next to my daughter's drive and steering , \"he said . in the vehicle during a Photo accident and witnesses testified that are in Köçükgö , Berfin Alçiçek the çorbacı looking up again steering intervened , arguing that , \"Ersel was sitting in front with Berfin . Berfin intervene when steering , the Ersel hand'do'he pushed warned . He said he will not do it again Berfin . Dilber Seki is around Berfin , intervened again to double-handed steering . I did not feel anything any intervention until the departure of the vehicle . The girls were drunk when we go home , \"he said . Photo defendant Ersel The Rock's lawyer, a social networking site Berfin in these discussions people with no incident of over Alçiçek earlier correspondence to the effect that he interfered with the steering others in the vehicle were presented to the court .
the court in deciding the defendant's continued detention Ersel Kumar , adjourned the hearing .

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